Why take our word for it?

Below are examples of individuals and organisations where we have successfully implemented our training and therapeutic programs, showcasing the potential benefits what Neuro Skillshop can offer you as well!

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Why take our word for it?

Here are some people and settings we have made an impact in, to demonstrate how our systems and programmes can benefit you too!

M McCabe

P1 Teacher

It was practical based so we got hands on experience of the kinds of activities and how to lead them. It also helped me to focus on what the children could be learning from it. The training was full of useful activities and ideas, and it was great to receive so many resources afterwards to help us along the way. 

Pamela was a great source of knowledge and very friendly and encouraging throughout.

C Deery


I would recommend Capri Support. I noticed an improvement in the children’s mood during the course of the Therapy. I noticed that their ability to name their emotions had improved and that their ability to problem solve and resolvetheir issues had also improved. I noticed that their own confidence also improved during the course of the therapy. 

Thanks for everything, Pamela. This was a lovely programme.

E Keyes


I would recommend Capri Support as I found it very beneficial for the child in my class.

This therapy supported a child in my class who was very anxious about coming to school. He was very distressed in the mornings at the school gate. This therapy has helped him so much as he is much less anxious in the mornings and I can see him growing in confidence. This therapy has had a positive impact on his self-esteem.

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