This is Neuro Skillshop 

We are multi award winning service, dedicated to providing an enjoyable and interactive experience for parents, teachers, and professionals. We aim to enhance their understanding of various play and learning styles, emotional support techniques, and how to seamlessly integrate them into their daily routines to benefit children. Through our engaging and fun-filled creative and therapeutic programs, we empower kids to unleash their creativity, discover their unique talents, and support emotional health.



This is

Neuro Skillshop we are a multi award winning fun loving, and engaging platform for parents, teachers, and professionals to develop a deeper knowledge of different play & learning styles, emotional aids and incorporating these into their daily lives to support kids. We do this through fun play based programs, to empower kids to be creative, realise their strengths, and build in confidence.


Pamela Capriglione

Founder of multi award winning Neuro Skillshop

How Can Pamela Support You

Pamela has obtained numerous qualifications in the fields of education and health. Her areas of passion include autism, mental health, and LEGO®. With two autistic siblings and over 20 years of professional experience in Autism based support services, Pamela's dedication to supporting pre and post-diagnosed autistic children is deeply rooted. 

Additionally, her personal experience of over 30 years led her to establish Neuro Skillshop. Pamela recognised the negative impact that outdated training and interventions had on the mental health of neurodivergent children and young people. She realised that most mainstream supports, training, and interventions focused on changing the child rather than accepting and embracing their true selves. 

As a result, Neuro Skillshop was established as a safe haven where autistic and neurodivergent children can find complete acceptance and support, offering them enhanced opportunities to flourish and achieve success.


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