Offering therapeutic programs that utilise play, bricks, and creativity to support autistic and neurodivergent young people who have experienced trauma or face challenges with emotional regulation.
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Numerous children have experienced significant emotional distress as a result of trauma, the aftermath of COVID, or outdated interventions and programs. However, implementing gentle therapeutic play-based programs has proven to yield positive outcomes in aiding the healing process.
Creative Therapies

Creative Therapies are child centred therapeutic methods which offer a secure and gentle way for children and adolescents to address emotional distress or trauma by utilising creativity. Through creative methods, they can find their own solutions to the challenges they face. This approach works hand in hand with the services provided by CAMHS.

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Sensory Therapies

Sensory Therapies are child centred therapeutic methods that emphasises prevention, early intervention, and recovery. It is designed for children and adolescents who have undergone trauma or struggle with their  emotional health. Through the use of play, they can explore and address their issues independently. This approach is also effective for nonspeaking children.

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Wellbeing Workshops

Using bricks and mindfulness pedagogy to empower children with emotional intelligence by incorporating elements of creativity, art, music, and movement, harnesses the power of play to teach valuable life skills. Unlike other bricks programs, this workshop goes beyond traditional learning methods and inspires a genuine love for learning in children and young people.

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